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People come to therapy for different reasons. You may have unwelcome stress in your life, or be struggling to find the balance between career, friends, and family. There might be painful moments from your past that still trouble you to this day. Even without knowing it, you may be carrying the baggage from bad relationships, toxic work environments, or decisions you’ve made. Not surprisingly, that baggage gets heavy over time. Continuing to carry it will lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, and fear.  At Social House, our counselors use a one-on-one, psychotherapy approach focused on helping you unpack whatever it is you’ve been holding on to. This is accomplished through a variety of methods that are tailored around their clients’ specific needs and desires. Adam, Monique, and Courtney encourage their clients to look towards the future with positivity instead of dwelling in the past. Reducing relational stress, developing better communication skills, and setting realistic objectives are all a part of Social House’s individual psychotherapy counseling.

Psychotherapy Counseling

The road to regaining control of your life and restoring your happiness begins with identifying the root causes of your challenges. Don’t let underlying feelings and fears rob you of your potential and energy any longer. If you live in the Texas area, schedule an appointment with one of our therapists at Social House Wellness Center today by calling: (832) 323-1115, or use our convenient contact form now.

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Why therapy?

One thing we get asked frequently is “why therapy?” It’s a fair question, and this is the answer: because many people in Texas experience life-altering challenges that are difficult, if not impossible, to handle on their own. Whether it is relationship issues, depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, substance abuse and addiction, those problems will continue to resurface unless addressed now. And when they return, they will damage parts of your life you would not have expected, nor planned for: your relationships, school, and job performance – even the most routine daily activities. No matter what we have experienced in life, our choice at this moment remains intact. When we make poor choices and practice negative behaviors we begin to lose control over our lives. The result is pain, unhappiness, and broken relationships – including the one we have with ourselves. If you or someone you love is currently struggling with one or more of these personal roadblocks, there is help, there is a community, and there is restoration at the Social House Wellness Center.

Play Therapy (Currently Unavailable due to COVID-19)

Play therapy is to children what talk therapy is to adults. Children are not able to articulate and express their thoughts and emotions in the same way adults do. Research has found that play therapy is one of the most effective ways for children to process difficult feelings.


A lot of external factors can place strain on relationships, but most are manageable with the right approach and communication tools. However, left unchecked, the tension will begin to mount, poor habits will develop, and the health and longevity of your relationships can be jeopardized.


Many people, including children and adults, are affected by issues with anxiety. If your feelings of worry, concern, or fear are strong enough to interfere with your daily activities, the Social House Wellness Center can get you to a better place.


It isn’t unusual to go through mild periods of depression due to setbacks or personal loss. But when it persists, depression may lead to a lack of interest in your day-to-day life and can impair your performance at work, in school, and within your interpersonal relationships.

Stress Management

In today’s world, we all experience stress, but not everyone knows how to deal with it in a healthy way. When it builds up over time, stress leads to emotional and physical problems and can even disrupt your sleep. Taking practical steps to manage your stress levels can prevent or reduce these negative effects.


Most addictions start simply: by enjoying something that provides pleasure to our bodies and minds. That pleasure becomes harder to control when the behavior becomes compulsive. At that point, enjoyment becomes an addiction and interferes with all aspects of your life, including work, relationships, and your health.


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