Adam Rahman; Clinical Director

As humans, we’re not always comfortable expressing our needs, owning our issues, or admitting that we have a problem. Frequently we wait until our lives are simply too big, too messy, or too complicated for us to manage before seeking out help. In the meantime, our problems don’t solve themselves. Quite often they get worse, involve other people, and begin to interfere with other aspects of our lives – like our families, our jobs, and our friends. Maybe this is your experience, or you’re afraid it will be.  Because we feel stigma around mental health, especially if we’ve achieved some personal or career success, this experience can be lonely – even isolating.

What you’re experiencing is what countless other men are facing as well. I know this because I see them in my office every day. Their stories are all unique; however, they share more in common than they know: burnout, anxiety, self-sabotage, depression, relationship issues, substance abuse and addiction. Left unchecked, each of these has the potential to create permanent damage. This is what I work to prevent, and this is all about us.

My clinical practice is exclusively dedicated to the needs of humans and I work to bridge the gap between where you are, and where you want to be; between who you are, and who you want to be. Sometimes the first step is this: knowing you’re not alone. Together we can begin to deal with the rest.

Adam Rahman is a board-certified Licensed Professional Counselor. He utilizes the most advanced clinical methods, including EMDR, to treat  anxiety, PTSD, depression, substance abuse and addiction, as well as issues around relationships and career.

Adam’s Professional Credentials:

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
National Certified Counselor (NCC)
Member of the American Counseling Association

Clients Adam Sees

Ages: Adults

Services: Individual

Concerns: PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Substance Abuse, Relation

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A message from Adam

Are you or a loved one experiencing relational issues –codependency, low self-esteem, in and out of relationships? Do you feel disconnected from the people around you? Have you begun developing unhealthy habits or overcompensating? My clinical practice encourages individuals who are in discomfort to find solace within our therapeutic alliance. My ideal client is someone whose experiencing broken or lost relationships, depression, anxiety, substance abuse and addiction. Left unchecked, those issues may lead to permanently damaged relationships, poor school and job performance, and eventually a total inability to carry out daily routines.
For the most part, poor past choices and behaviors lead to a lack of control over one’s life. If you or someone you love is struggling with one or more of these challenges, the good news is that you or they are not alone, and that help is available.
Adam specializes in working with adolescents and adults enduring relational issues, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse & addiction.

Additional Credentials

  • Certificate: National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc. / NCC/493511
  • Certificate Date: 2014

Clients Monique Sees

  • Ages: Children 2+, Adolescents/Teens, Adults
  • Services: Individual, Play, Couples, Family
  • Concerns: Relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Life Stress, Transitions, LGBTQ+ concerns, Self-Esteem, Wellness, Self-Harm, Suicide

Monique is unable to take insurance at this time.

Courtney Miller

Courtney is a graduate of The University of Incarnate Word Psychology program with a minor in Sociology, and the University of Texas at San Antonio – Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate program.
Courtney has experience being a teaching and graduate research assistant; she also has experience in community agencies. Most of Courtney’s experience has been with marginalized populations experiencing trauma and substance use; however she also enjoys assisting people dealing with everyday stressors. Courtney believes in the wellness model which considers every aspect of an individual’s life. Her therapeutic approach is person-centered, cognitive behavioral, and mindfulness. She brings an overall sense of peace to those around her with her calm and sincere demeanor.
Courtney believes in not taking ourselves too seriously and uses humor to encourage clients to be comfortable and to be themselves in session. As a multi-culturally competent counselor, she aims to encourage minority groups to seek mental health services.
Courtney enjoys yoga and lifting weights. She also spends a lot of time with her friends and family. On her downtime, she enjoys listening to music or watching a good show and relaxing at home.

Monique Raack Rahman, M.Ed.

Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor
Monique is a graduate of Texas A&M University Honors Psychology program with a minor in Neuroscience, and the University of Houston – Victoria’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate program. She is also currently enrolled at St. Mary’s University’s Counselor Education and Supervision doctoral program with a concentration in play therapy and a desire to further research counseling from a wellness perspective.
Monique has had experience on a university helpline, at psychiatric hospitals, community agencies and clinics, as well as private practices. Though the majority of Monique’s experience has been with clients who are in crisis (suicidal, homicidal, psychotic), she also enjoys helping people deal with more common life stressors and becoming a happier version of themselves. Believing in a holistic view, she believes it is important to address all areas of wellness, and works from a person-centered, solution-focused orientation. If you’ve heard her speak, you may have heard her on her soapbox telling everyone how important taking care of your mental health is, whether you have a mental illness or not. She can often be heard asking, “If you don’t wait to break a bone to go to the doctor’s office, or wait for gingivitis to go to the dentist, then why wait for a crisis to see a counselor?” She commends all of her clients for taking responsibility of their health and emotional wellness, and jokes that the “crazy” people are those who choose to ignore their health. As she believes people need to start conversations about emotional health from a young age, she is also currently working towards becoming a Registered Play Therapist. For more information about how children can benefit from counseling, please read more about Play Therapy in our services section. Monique enjoys helping clients throughout the lifespan, and tries to incorporate creativity, activities and expressive arts with clients of all ages.
When she’s not watching movies with her dogs, friends or family, Monique also enjoys traveling the world, doing arts and crafts, or reading a good book with a warm cup of tea.

Clients Courtney Sees

  • Ages: Adults
  • Services: Individual, Couples
  • Concerns: Relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Life Stress, Transitions, LGBTQ+ concerns, Self-Esteem, Wellness, Self-Harm, Suicide

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