Adam’s Approach                    Adam Rahman

At Social House in Texas, Clinical Director Adam Rahman believes in a psychotherapy approach that doesn’t dwell on a patient’s past mistakes, but instead optimistically focuses on making better life choices moving forward. To do so, Adam uses an individual-based clinical methods which emphasize building rewarding relationships using effective communication, problem-solving and positive attitude tools. These treatments and interventions have shown clinical promise for individuals dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, past and present relationships, and substance abuse and addiction. If you or someone close to you is struggling with one of more of these challenges, don’t go it alone any longer. Start learning today the life skills necessary to make better personal choices in the future, while restoring the happiness you deserve. Call Jess to schedule an initial assessment at:(832) 323-1115, or use our convenient contact form now. Our Clinical Approach & Therapy Services will always be there to serve you.

Adam’s Services

Ages: Adults
Services: Individual
Concerns: PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Substance Abuse, Relational



Monique’s Approach

I, like most other clinicians, believe that the relationship between the client and the counselor is the most important part of therapy. It is my job to create an environment that my client can feel safe and comfortable enough to be vulnerable, to get to their genuine, authentic self. ​The foundation of my practice is influenced by a client-centered approach, popularized by Carl Rogers. This means that I recognize that you are the expert in your life, not me. It means that I don’t try to control our conversation, you are in the lead. I will be the supportive, non-judgmental, accepting ear to help you guide yourself to where you want to be…

Which leads me to the theory I work from: solution-focused therapy. Instead of focusing on the things going wrong (don’t get me wrong, we can acknowledge them!) I will help you focus on where you want to be and how we can get you there. Part of this is visualizing what you want for yourself, then breaking this down into achievable goals.

However, the thing that makes this platform distinguished is its Clinical Approach & Therapy Services

Monique’s Services

Ages: Children 2+, Adolescents/Teens, Adults
Services: Individual, Play, Couples, Family
Concerns: Relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Life Stress, Transitions, LGBTQ+ concerns, Self-Esteem, Wellness, Self-Harm, Suicide

Courtney’s Approach

Sometimes it can feel like we are alone and have little opportunity to express ourselves and connect with others. As a counselor, that’s what I want to be for you; someone you can share honestly with and feel understood. Dead-end jobs, unhealthy relationships, trauma, low self-esteem, and chronic stress do not have to be the story you write for your life, but sometimes it can feel like there’s no way out. Many of us have been here before; you are not alone, but I understand making lifestyle changes can be a scary experience.
As your counselor, I want to be someone you can share honestly with and feel understood. Using Person-centered, Cognitive-Behavioral, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness techniques, I provide a unique therapeutic experience to treat conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, and issues around relationships.
My job is to walk with you on your journey for healing. Often times, our culture does not seek out mental health services due to the stigma, but that means we could potentially miss out on an opportunity to experience growth. You are reading this for a reason, so allow me to be the one you work with to help you become the person you desire to be.

Courtney’s Services

Ages: Adults
Services: Individual, Couples
Concerns: depression, anxiety, career, and relational issues; also would like to focus on African American clients and athletes

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