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The Texas area has many well qualified child therapists but at Social House we feel like the true bonds we build with our clients sets us apart.


“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” – Plato


Monique is currently working towards becoming a Registered Play Therapist. While working on her PhD at St. Mary’s University, she is concentrating on Play Therapy in her coursework and in weekly supervision with a Registered Play Therapist. But what is play therapy? Although some try, expecting a child to process their thoughts and feelings through talk therapy is difficult as children do not process the way adults do. Play allows children to act out, draw or create scenes or struggles that may be stuck in their mind. Those trained in play therapy can help children process through these hard or confusing feelings and help teach them a healthier way to handle their emotions. Monique uses Child-Centered Play Therapy, where play is usually non-directive and children are able to have a unique space where they are in control and can build confidence. For those who are able and most likely older, Monique also uses directive play and activities to help focus on areas of concern such as anger management or processing of parent’s divorcing.

“Play is the child’s symbolic language of self-expression and can reveal (a) what the child has experienced; (b) reactions to what was experienced; (c) feelings about what was experienced; (d) what the child wishes, wants, or needs; and (e) the child’s perception of self.” -Dr. Gary Landreth

If you are in need of child counseling in the Texas area (also known as play therapy) please click the button to review our schedules and select a time that best fits you.

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Child Counseling in Texas Can Really Show Results!


Your child is the most important person in your life and their healthy development is any parents greatest challenge and goal.  Some times certain behaviors can seem concerning but may not be rooted in an underlying issue but other times there may be some psychological connection to their acting out.   Our job is to understand these connections and help your child understand their issues so they can start the healing process.

Our team is ready to get you to a better place!

If you’re in need of immediate help here are a couple helpful local links for organizations in the Texas area.


Family Violence Prevention Services

Crisis Hotline: (713) 970-7000 and press #1

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Child Counseling in Texas


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